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In the Master's light - Seasonal Celebrations

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image002Creation is joy, music, rhythm, and dance. When I did create the world, I saw in my wisdom that which I would later on create, call to life and give life. In my wisdom I imagined the plurality of forms and life, which would come into being. I imagined the cosmos and rejoiced in its beauty and goodness. I expressed and uttered / spoke out what I imagined. The Word sang creation into being in all of its beauty; the Word sang the song of creation. As the created beings came into existence, they heard the song of the Word, found themselves in its rhythm, came alive and moved according to the music. Thus I through my Word put the order of life into the inner being of the cosmos and every single created being; the order of life is my will and my rejoicing in the beauty and goodness of creation.

areopagos_summerI AM has hinted at the mysteries of God’s being, the understanding of which transcends all reason and is beyond time and space and before al beginning. All of creation has its origin in the unconditional being of God and is conditioned by the energy of God’s being. God meets us as the Father, and as the Logos, the Word, Son of God, and as the Holy Spirit, Breath of God. The mutual love of the Father, the Word and the Spirit is the centre of God’s being, the Grail of the heart of God. This Grail is Wisdom, the true temple in which God reveals God’s glory.